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SureCall Cloud Remote Monitoring App for Signal Booster Control

Aug 06, 2019

SureCall Cloud Remote Monitoring App for Signal Booster Control

SureCall Cloud is an advanced cloud-based mobile application that offers robust data & remote management capabilities that provide a higher level of booster performance insight to SureCall installers and commercial users. Optimize performance during installation and make quick and seamless off-site booster adjustments from anywhere, anytime with the intuitively designed SureCall Cloud.

SureCall Cloud allows installers to connect directly with the signal booster to monitor performance in real-time and adjust settings from anywhere, anytime via free mobile app or a cellular modem with embedded cellular router.


  • Easily observe the status and monitor real-time signal readings, performance and alerts at a glance.
  • Capture a custom baseline performance report that you control.
  • Provides real-time readings of outside signals and the ability to quickly modify booster settings.
  • Remotely monitor and adjust booster performance, including uplink, downlink or band.
  • Set customized alarms with multiple email and SMS notifications, with a customized message for each alarm.
  • See a history of triggered alarms, and much more!

SureCall Cloud is powered by SureCall Sentry hardware, which comes built into every Force5 2.0, Guardian4 Public Safety Booster, Force8 5G Booster, and is available as an add-on to any SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 or SureCall Fusion5s signal booster. Access to the SureCall Cloud application is completely free of charge and getting started is as simple as downloading the SureCall Cloud app from the app store and creating an account or registering/ logging into the SureCall Cloud portal.

SureCall Cloud’s remote management capabilities give professional installers the ability to provide 24/7 up-time assurance to their customers and the option of creating a revenue stream in addition to hardware and labor.

SureCall Cloud.

Stay in complete control with the next advancement in remote signal booster management and optimization.

SureCall Cloud is an advanced cloud-based mobile application that offers an intuitive user experience, robust data and remote management capabilities to provide a higher level of service to SureCall installers. SureCall Cloud’s remote management capabilities gives users the ability to provide 24/7 assurance of uptime to make quick and seamless off-site adjustments to maximize signal booster performance from any location.

A must-have for building owners, managers and installers, SureCall Cloud provides users with tools to optimize booster performance during installation, as well as, manage while located off-site using the iPhone app, Android app, or SureCall Cloud web interface. Read SureCall Cloud user guide & data sheet for more details.

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  • It seems like there are apps for everything but most of them seem ridiculous to me unless they are practical. The SureCall remote monitoring app seems extremely helpful for anyone who has a signal booster and wants to monitor things off-site. I know other people have mentioned this, but who wants to have to go to their home or office to check a booster if they can do so on their phone?

    Geoff Mahler Jr. on
  • Once upon a time, the cloud really was a confusing concept. Then someone told me to think of it as a locker up in the digital ether or cyberspace (whatever analogy works for you). Now, I use the cloud and I’m dazzled by the different apps available for use with the cloud. I’ve heard people cry about security but it’s no different than on-site security IMO. It’s either strong or weak.

    Jim Richardson on
  • I don’t have an exact date but I remember when you’d have to go to your business or factory to check your signal booster and make sure it was working okay. So say you own a factory and your cell phone coverage isn’t working right, despite having a booster. You get a call at home and have to drive to the factory to check the booster. Now, you can check everything from home and possibly save a trip.

    Frederick Glover on
  • Remote monitoring appeals to me because who wants to have to go to the office or any commercial building where you cell phone signal booster is located when you can just check your cell phone. I like that the people who designed advanced tech like cell phone boosters came up with even better ways to use them.

    Ricky Perry on

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