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Intro & How-To Videos of weBoost Home Studio & Lite Signal Boosters

Aug 02, 2021

Intro & How-To Videos of weBoost Home Studio & Lite Signal Boosters

Tired of dropped calls and missed messages? Need a new carrier or phone? Nope, you need a boost. The weBoost Home Studio, and weBoost Home Studio Lite versions are the newest cell phone boosters from the leader in cell signal technology. They boast integrated two in one booster and antenna combination that instantly improves mobile network talk, text and data in one large room.

Here's how it works.

Both the weBoost Home Studio and Lite's outside directional antenna pick up cellular signal. Then the cell amplifier boosts it for attached antenna to broadcast to nearby mobile devices in the room.

Home Studio works with all cell phones and devices on all carrier networks including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US cellular. It is ready for 5g and will work for the next decade and beyond. Home Studio Lite works only with Verizon and AT&T carrier's 700 MHz LTE networks.

Both are designed and assembled in USA. They are backed by two-year manufacturer's warranty and supported by US-based customer service. Now you can enjoy better cell signal wherever you call home. The weBoost Home Studio, a better cell signal for everyone.

Intro Video:

How To Install Video:

Buying Tips:

Buy Home Studio Lite if you only have Verizon and/or AT&T phones in your family. Buy Home Studio if you would like to improve network coverage for all Carriers. If you need improved cellular coverage in more than one room, buy weBoost Home MultiRoom instead. If you need better indoor coverage across entire home, buy weBoost Home Complete (DIY) or weBoost Home Complete (Installed).

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  • These videos show a lot in a short amount of time. If you have a recurring problem with your cell phone, you should look at some of the articles on that talk about diagnosing your problem and possible solutions (besides signal boosters).

    Gregorio Peabody on
  • Although I know this blog is designed to sell cell phone boosters, it’s still helpful. Personally, I’m more disposed to get the WeBoost Home Studio and Lite signal boosters because they will work for some time to come. With 5G becoming common, I want a booster that will get me through the next several years.

    Dennis C. on
  • My bedroom’s cell phone coverage is garbage but the rest of the house is fine. For $199 I think the WeBoost Home Studio Lite is the solution for my cell phone needs.

    Jerry Pesina on
  • It’s good to see there are signal boosters for people that only need to boost the signal in one room. I just don’t need one for my entire home and right now, every dollar counts.

    Evan Sydal on
  • I’ve always wanted to get a cell phone booster for my home office because the way it’s situated, it just doesn’t get a good signal. The rest of the house is fine for my cell phone needs so it seemed like a waste of money to buy a cell phone booster for the entire house. This looks to be what I need and at a good price.

    Gabrielle Daniels on

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