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Plenum Cables & Parts for Commercial & Industrial Signal Booster Systems

Buy SureCall Plenum rated cables that have been insulated with low smoke and low flame characteristics. Almost all large buildings utilize the ceiling for returning air to the central AC unit, thereby making it a plenum ceiling. This means all cables running through the ceiling need to be plenum cables. They need to have that designated rating to meet or exceed industry standard requirements per National Fire Protection Association code NFPA 90A. That is the Code & Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems. It covers HVAC systems components, air distribution, and other components that integrate with building construction. Commercial and industrial WiFi and Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems require such wiring integration in large buildings, structures, and facilities. Therefore, these cables are made tough to meet building fire safety codes. Below, browse Plenum cables and products that contain or are related to Plenum cables.