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Part 90 Signal Boosters: Frequently Asked Questions.

Even though Part 90 signal boosters might be called industrial signal boosters, they are primarily used in Private Land Mobile Ratio (PLMR) and Public Safety service operations. As of March 1, 2014, all Part 90 signal boosters marketed and sold must conform to new FCC requirements.

What Are the Classifications for Part 90 Signal Boosters?

Signal Booster: Class A 

A signal booster is considered to be "Class A" when it has no passbands exceeding 75 kHz. Signals from these signal boosters are designed to transmit on one or more specific channels.

Signal Booster: Class B 

A signal booster is considered to be "Class B" when it has passbands that exceed 75 kHz. These signal boosters have been designed specifically to re-transmit signals within a wide frequency band. However, before being used, Class B signal boosters should be registered with the FCC.

Part 90 Class B Signal Boosters: The Registration System.

Signal booster operators and licensees are required to register existing Part 90 Class B signal booster installations with the FCC prior to November 1, 2014. After this date, the operation of an existing, unregistered Part 90 Class B signal booster will be deemed "unauthorised", and thus become subject to enforcement action. After 1st November 2014, no Class B signal boosters should be installed and/or operated without prior registration. In order to ensure these new requirements are being complied with, registration will be free of cost to the licensee and/or operator. Signal booster operators and licensees can register their Part 90 Class B signal boosters at the following web address:

Why Is It So Important That Part 90 Class B Signal Boosters Be Registered?

On February 20, 2013, an FCC Report and Order was released which included the requirement for both existing and new Class B signal boosters to be registered with the FCC. By implementing a searchable database whereby the installation of all Class B signal boosters is recorded, licensees who experience interference or other problems to the system can quickly do an online search for signal booster installations. This means that licensees can both identify and, if necessary shut down, a signal booster which may be causing interference.

What Information Is Required for Registration?

Registrations for licensee and signal booster operators must include the following:

  • Login information will be their FCC registration number (FRN).
  • The physical address of the signal booster.
  • Longitude and latitude information, in decimal format, of the signal booster location.
  • Call sign(s).
  • Operating frequencies.
  • Contact details such as contact name, company name and address, email address and telephone number(s).

What Are the Labelling and Manufacturer Requirements?

As of 20 February 2013, the FCC does not accept applications for equipment certification for Part 90 signal boosters that are not in compliance with new FCC rules. The FCC has also stopped certifying devices that don’t comply with new rules. As at 1 March 2014, all industrial signal boosters both marketed and sold in the United States must comply with new FCC rules.

Under the New Rules, How Should Part 90 Signal Boosters Be Labelled?

The following information should be included on the label for Part 90 signal boosters. Please keep in mind that the warning label could well look different from the sample label shown below. However, the same information must be included on the warning label.

Industrial Part 90 Signal Booster Label

For installation certification information, you should contact your account manager.


Please note that the information contained within these Frequently Asked Questions does not purport to be legal advice. It is for informational purposes only. Because FCC regulations have not yet been implemented and could well be subject to change, this information is not a substitute for the actual regulations. Every effort has been made to ensure the correctness, accuracy, and suitability of these Frequently Asked Questions. However, we deny responsibility for any omissions and errors or loss or damage of any kind which may occur as a result of this information.

Below is an example of our Industrial Part 90 Signal Booster:

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