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FirstNet Public Safety Signal Booster Topics blogs filtered by public safety phone booster topics. Enjoy reading exciting public safety related cell phone signal booster blogs for cellular or wifi to help first responders maintain wireless connectivity during difficult conditions. These FirstNet BDA systems are mandatory for buildings with bad indoor reception that does not meet required coverage threshold set my authorities. Find out how you can comply with requirements and help police, firefighters, and other first responders that may need to work in your building to save lives at times of an emergency.

  • Importance of Public Safety Band Compliance

    Jun 09, 2015

    Effective emergency communication can mean the difference between life and death for first responders. Discover how public safety bands ensure the most efficient emergency response. The public safety spectrum is the section of radio frequencies designated for firefighters, police, and other emergency responders in United States. Represented by the Public...

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  • Basic Public Safety Signal Booster Guide

    Aug 17, 2018

    One of the most overlooked problems in public safety for decades has been the issue of public safety radio dead zones inside buildings. First responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMTs rely on their radios to deal with emergency situations. Their radios are one of their most important tools. But,...

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  • Public Safety DAS Monitoring Device and Installation

    Dec 28, 2018

    Systems ensure that emergency responders are able to use wireless communications while handling an emergency situation inside a building structure are known as Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). These systems are not only crucial for first responders to public safety scenarios, but also for building owners and others who...

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  • Why You Need Public Safety DAS Installed.

    Mar 23, 2018

    Today's modern construction materials and building techniques can degrade or entirely block both internal and external wireless communications. DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) were developed to extend wireless coverage within buildings to enable the efficient operation of cell phones and radios, regardless of where they are located in the building. All...

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  • Advanced Public Safety DAS and BDA System Guide

    Dec 18, 2018

    Due to an important element of public safety, building owners and real estate developers alike face numerous roadblocks before buildings can be approved for public use and occupancy. The safety of the public is a primary concern in larger buildings, with the need for first responders to effectively communicate with...

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  • Boosting In-Building Public Safety Wireless Communication Systems

    Mar 21, 2018

    Learn what is an In-Building Public Safety Wireless Communication System and see how can help Boost In-Building Public Safety Wireless Communication Systems within your building so first responders can respond to, or prevent situations or incidents that pose a serious threat to people and/or property. What is a Public...

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  • Guide to Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (Passive)

    Oct 25, 2017

    This brief overview of Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (Passive) clarifies where it is required, its capabilities, and its benefits to building owners and residents. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) have made it mandatory for all venues, large and small, to ensure maximum safety...

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  • Installing Public Safety DAS in LEED Certified Buildings

    Oct 24, 2017

    This post provides an overview of installing Public Safety Distributed Antenna System in LEED Certified Buildings. We specialize in installing Public Safety DAS in such buildings. What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that assesses the energy efficiency of a building and its...

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  • Difference between Cellular and Public Safety Band Signal Amplifiers

    Mar 27, 2017

    It is important to understand that Cellular and Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) boost different types of signals. Know the major differences. All signal boosters or amplifiers boost a signal. However, Public Safety BDAs or Public safety signal boosters strengthen the signal to first responder’s two-way radios. On other hand,...

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  • FirstNet Ready Public Safety Signal Booster and Repeater Solution

    Mar 20, 2017

    Introducing the first FirstNet Public Safety Band Signal Booster for Buildings up to 80,000 Sq. Ft. Professional installation services available (see bottom). What is FirstNet? First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) as an independent authority within NTIA to provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, high-speed, broadband network dedicated to public...

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  • Public Safety FirstNet Mobile Network Radio Boosters and Installations

    Apr 23, 2018

    This one thing could have saved hundreds of lives in the 9/11 attacks.  "In a time of external crisis, internal communications take precedence... before any constructive actions take place...", reports an article titled, "Crisis Communication: Lessons from 9/11" on Harvard Business Review's official website. In aftermath of the horrendous disaster...

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  • Realestate Developer and Building Owner Public Safety Signal Booster

    Jul 05, 2017

    Both building owners and real estate developers have many hurdles to jump before buildings can be finally approved for occupancy and use. The major concern in large buildings is public safety. Safety of public is vitally important. To that end, occupants must have capability to communicate with first responders should...

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  • Public Safety Signal Boosters: All You Need To Know!

    Mar 28, 2018

    Public Safety Signal Boosters provide the strong signals needed to enable dispatched first responders to communicate wirelessly without hindrence to their critical lifesaving work. Building interiors have wireless dead zones that can cause wireless communication disruptions which can cost lives. In times of disasters and emergencies, federal agency employees such...

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  • Compare Industrial 4G LTE and Public Safety Signal Booster Installation

    Feb 28, 2018

    Compare Industrial 4G LTE and Public Safety Signal Booster Installations for Buildings: SureCall Force-5 2.0 kit versus Guardian-3 QR. Side by side comparison of features, benefits, and major technical specification differences between industrial grade large building floor, high-rise, skyscraper 4G LTE and Public Safety Bands signal boosters, amplifiers, repeaters. For...

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  • Dual Signal Booster System Covering Public Safety Radios + Smartphones

    Apr 25, 2018

    Cost-Effective Solution Provides In-Building Coverage for Public Safety Bands +4G LTE Cell Frequencies The Guardian3 QR public safety band and the Force5 2.0 4G LTE cell phone signal-boosting systems can be installed side by side for optimal communication and potentially life-saving outcomes. Designed and manufactured by SureCall, the two systems...

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  • Public Safety DAS and BDA Requirements to comply with NFPA codes

    Oct 26, 2017

    Public Safety Communication system is defined as a wireless communications system that is used by first responders and emergency services, such as medical and ambulance services, police, first responders and disaster response units. This system is used exclusively to respond to emergency situations where there is a threat to life...

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  • Components of Passive DAS Cell / Public Safety Signal Booster Install

    Mar 14, 2018

    When it comes to installing signal enhancing solutions for 3G, 4G, LTE cell service and public safety, Passive DAS is an indisputable choice by signal booster installers for most of the enterprise structures and public infrastructures out there. Faster deployment time and relatively cheaper installation costs make passive DAS (Distributed...

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  • SureCall Public Safety Apartment Complex Signal Booster Installed in Arizona.

    May 12, 2017

    SureCall Guardian 3 QR Signal Booster boosts reception of all Public Safety Bands to increase signal strength for crucial first responder communications inside Optima Kierland apartment complex building in Scottsdale near Phoenix, Arizona. Case Study. In an apartment complex, the public safety bands signal strength was really very low and...

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  • What is Public Safety DAS and How to Install, Monitor, Maintain?

    Mar 21, 2014

    Every jurisdiction has its own regulations and laws regarding coverage for public safety radio. While no two technological systems are alike, DAS (distributed antenna system) technology can vary and be customized to suit the needs of each individual project. For this reason, an engineer qualified in DAS technology is required...

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  • SureCall Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Signal Booster Review

    Sep 26, 2017

    SureCall Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Signal Booster Review confirms the following unique features of this Public Safety Signal Booster. Guardian 3 QR - First Responders Public Safety Booster for 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800, and SMR 900 MHz bands. This Public Safety Bi-Directional Booster is available with 2 outside Yagi...

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  • BDA or DAS Public Safety 700 800 900 MHz SMR Signal Enhancement

    Feb 27, 2018

    Public Safety 700 800 900 MHz SMR Signal Boosting with In-Building Bi-Directional Amplifier System (BDA) or Signal Enhancement with Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Public Safety 700, 800, 900 MHz SMR Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA): Public Safety 700, 800, 900 MHz SMR Distributed Antenna System (DAS): Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) may be...

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  • Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Annunciator/ Monitor

    Jul 27, 2018

    The new SureCall Guardian 3 QR public safety signal booster fully complies with the NFPA-1221 and NFPA-72 standards. It now also has full support by the DAS annunciator. This DAS alert panel is a Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) annunciating or monitoring panel (model 1221-B). The DASalert annunciating panel provides...

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  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers BDA vs DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

    Sep 18, 2017

    Active DAS Distributed Antenna Systems (Full Fiber) for OVER 500,000 sq. ft. versus Passive DAS or BDA Bi-Directional Amplifiers for UP TO 500,000 sq. ft. What is BDA or Bi-Directional Amplifier System and When Is It Ideally Implemented? A consumer, commercial, and public safety BDA System is also known as a...

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  • Verizon 700 MHz Band 13 LTE Signal Boosters

    Feb 14, 2018

    According to FCC, 700 MHz spectrum strip is available for public safety and commercial cellular communications. The megahertz spectrum in the band runs between 698MHz and 806MHz. It was largely released for the impending transition to digital TV. Its characteristics makes it a perfect choice for broadcast television channels  such...

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  • Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Building – Here’s Why You Need Them.

    Oct 26, 2016

    Did You Know This? According to the new laws on public safety enacted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)... #1: All new buildings are required to have 95% to 100% in-building coverage for emergency communication services. Otherwise they cannot be granted permission for occupancy. #2: All buildings must have...

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